Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday at the gym...

Geez, I thought friday's were dead at the gym. Nope, Saturday is a sure winner, We went inabout 5 pm (was everyone there in the morning?) We were the only ones there for about 40 minutes then a couple more folks showed up. Anyway, we got our workouts in, a little beast (elliptical) and alot of treadmill. Riley put me on the weight assist thing last thursday, since he beat me up pretty good prior to that (my arms are 5 inches longer!) i had a tough time with it, but saturday... yep did tow reps of ten each. I'm a happy guy. Take care all....see you at the gym!


  1. There weren't very many people there in the morning either. In fact, my mom and I were the only ones there until the Hutchinson's came in. Glad you had a great workout!!

  2. I thought I noticed something strange about your arms! You've got to watch that Riley.
    Hope your grandchildren get better soon.
    Missed you guys on Saturday. I tried the beast myself and actually did it for 10 minutes for the first time. My knee survived. :-)

  3. Eric, you crack me up...
    Okay, I will tell you when to go on a Saturday...6:30 am, it was sooo quiet!! It picked up at about 8 & when we left it felt great to be done for the day....the perks?? of having active soccer playing boys....
    Hope to see you at the gym this week!!!