Monday, March 29, 2010

New Shoes

Talked with Matt last Friday, had to go check out the runners corner, left there with a new pair of Brooks! Wow what a difference! My feet don't hurt on the treadmill, and what do you know, I learned a new way to tie my shoes (you CAN teach a very old dog new tricks)! Today was a busy day at the gym. Lots of folks, (This excercise thing will NEVER take off).....and yes the mirrors are still there! take care and see you at the gym!


  1. No excuses now, Eric. Those new shoes will make you faster and farther. :-) It's great that your feet won't hurt anymore. I didn't know they were bothering you but I'm glad you have those great fitting shoes. And, it's great about the new treadmill.

  2. I didnt think they would help me either but man they do try running in you old shoes now Ouch I did and my feet hurt the next day, you make me and the wife laught youre doing awesome keep it up