Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bad mirror! Scary Mirror!

I never really paid much attention to the mirrors in the gym, except for today..They're everywhere! You can see your back, your side, does this shirt make my belly look too big? (It's not the shirt pal!)I especially like seeing myself where the mirrors seams come together, Hey there's two of me...wait, there is two of me anyway! Soon though, the mirrors don't lie, the weight is coming off, we're getting stronger, feelin better, looking forward to the workouts. The mirrors...not so scary anymore! Keep it up...see you in the gym!


  1. The mirrors are not my friend!! Good to see you in the gym getting a great workout. If yours was anything like mine, it was BRUTAL!!!

  2. I was watching a fellow checking out his muscles in the mirror and it made me smile. I wish the mirrors weren't there but I just try to ignore them most of the time. Good to see you working out again today. Good job.