Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Riley, Riley, Riley

Its 8:35, and I'm just now feeling human again, Riley worked me pretty hard, whew...circuit training, no hands treadmill, "hey why don't you start with the eliptical"? Cause I don't want to thats why! Slavedriver...."is that too heavy"? Why no, I just can't lift it off the ground is all...let alone do three sets of 10, did I say 10? Riley says 12, Riley always says 12. Can't wait until 15...Wait, yes I can!

Do you have to have masochistic tendencies to be a personal trainer? My vote is yes...All kidding aside, his work outs are tough, and he is appreciated! See you all in the gym!

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  1. Eric, I love your posts. You always make me smile.