Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scathingly Brilliant Idea

I was talking to Dennis yesterday and he thought that we (the heart challenge teams) should take a day and train the trainer! Scathingly Brilliant! So here's the deal, we get Riley, Catherine, Jullianne, Alicia, Shantel, and even Traci. We strap a 40 pound bag of salt to them (to simulate being 40 lbs overweight, just so you get an idea how it feels), put them on a treadmill and show them what we've learned!

We get to use OUR magic fingers, Oh lets bring up the incline a couple of points, speed up ...sure! How ya feeling, oh time for your cool down, oh cool down's over lets speed up again! How's that feel, are ya at that 7 yet? Yawn. I just want to take you up another's that feel? Feelin it burn?

C'mon guys theres 20 of us and only 6 of them...we can take 'em! I'll bring the salt!

You trainers are great, thanks for doing all you do! See you in the gym.


  1. I LOVE the idea!! get the salt ready!! you are truly a funny man & we love your sense of humor!!!
    see you at class (since I never get to see you at the gym!!!)

  2. How hilarious! 40 pounds, maybe. Some of us carry around more than 40. So for some of the time it should be more than 40. :-) Salt is rather solid when it's packed in a tight space like a bag or something. Maybe we should get 40 pounds of set jello. Eric, you are such a riot. We love you!!

  3. Ooooooh, I see you've entered the "sadistic" phase of this challenge. I'm afraid to see what you'll think of next!!