Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ok---Who told Riley!????

Someone told RIley! (Or do you think he read my blog?) Elliptical 25 min level 6, intervals on the bike thing, "hey, lets try something new today" hook this weight thing here, move the pin there...just push this bar over your head, too much weight? Here let me add a little more! Its only 2-1/2 pounds (feels like 50). Here, have you ever done wall sits? Jeez....

DOes breathing come with this training package? No! You can breathe later when I'm finished with you! Just kidding Riley! Thanks! See you all in the gym!


  1. Smile. Love your posts and you attitude, Eric. You are definately the STRONG man. Keep on going. That Riley is a hard driver.

  2. You wanna breathe? You shoulda signed up for the breathing class, Eric!

    PS Great job!!

  3. :-) Great idea, Bonnie.