Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I can't see myself

Things are changing, but I can't see myself, I know how I feel, I know I'm getting stronger. But what makes worth it more is when you see someone that hasn't seen you for a bit and makes a nice remark. Aunt Betty said "look how buff you're getting". Big hug for you Aunt Betty! Thanks, I haven't been called "buff" since 1978 (which happens to be the last time I was). Makes me want to work out more. You all are looking great! Keep it up! See you in the gym.


  1. It's not the reason you're doing all of this, of course, but isn't it NICE??? What a great feeling for you, and I'm so glad Aunt Betty told you how she felt!

    Great job, Eric!

  2. You did great in class today with Alicia. And thanks so much for making that chart for the class. I will never forget you saying "No," when Mindy asked if you had ever thought about whole grain. What a hoot! You have really helped lighten the tedium. Thanks so much.