Saturday, April 17, 2010

C'mon Guys!

Sad Sad, You guys ( i do mean the men in this group) missed a great workout today, Yep I was the only guy, last time it was me and dennis, Alicia will work you pretty hard, At first glance, It doesn't look like much of a workout...wrong, your breathin hard, and sweatin' like you've been on the treadmill for 40 minutes. Plus Alicia makes it alot of fun too. So next time guys, don't woose out, you'll be glad you didnt. See you in the gym!


  1. You ROCK Eric!! We did have a a sweatin' good time today! See you in the gym on Monday.

  2. I agree with you--Alicia is a great leader. I totally enjoy her classes. She just has a way of getting me to work hard without my realizing it.

  3. Eric, sure wished we could have been there, but soccer fields had dibs on us first!! Good job sweatin' to the oldies & hopefully the next class will work with our schedules a bit more!!