Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We WILL miss you guys

Look at us! Geez we look great don't we! Congratulations to Marlene & Dennis, Mary & Bonnie, Ali and Matt... Outstanding! Congratulations to the rest of us, we worked hard, we have real results and real knowledge.! WoooHooo
I was in the gym Monday and Tuesday... No 100day heart challengers there, It was weird, a few of the regular gym folks were there, wheres Marlene, Dennis? I always saw them there, where'd they go? Christy? Lana? Wheres that cute Julianne? Hard to believe the official 100 days are over for us. Sad though isnt it? But happy in all the other reasons; we have lifelong friends that we shared the experience with! We will miss you guys! We'll have the "reunion", and see where were off to, talk about our experiences in greater detail,a nd reminisce about the first days when we got on the treadmill and couldnt't do more than a few minutes to now where we could walk from here to salt lake! You guys are great and I for one am happy to have met you and got to know you.. Take care and see you in the gym...( if i don't see you, i'll certainly be thinking of you)! Rest assured, if I do see you I will saunter over and stop and say hello! Thats what I do!

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  1. Thanks so much for those pictures Eric. You and Kathy are just two of the friendliest, most choice people ever. Thank you so much for those photos, and thank you for the reunion that we are all looking forward to.