Sunday, May 23, 2010

The End of the Beginning!

Well kids, it's officially the end of the beginning, we weigh out tommorrow at 7:00, and the celebration dinner is Wednesday ! We made it, in my mind, its been one of the best things both Kathy and i have done in a long time. I need to re-set my schedule now, what am I going to do...I get off work and go to the gym, now what? I know get off work and go to the gym! Its been a pleasure getting to know you all, the personal trainers and the other folks that werent part of the heart challenge but were in the gym every day as well. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and best wishes!
We all are looking great arent we? I wouldnt belive that only 100 days ago, we were wondering what are we supposed to do, what changes will we see, will the changes be good, bad, unknown.
We have added another notch in our experience belts, we now know what to do, and best of all how to do it!
We have built ourselves a little niche of the 100day heart challenge club, its been an honor getting to know all of you, and we hope to have built a long lastin g friendship with each of you! Take care and see you in the gym! Eric

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  1. You and Kathy have just been the greatest to get to know. And you were great in those exercise classes! thanks for posting the photo!!