Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I see you!

I see you in the Gym, great to see you Lisa, I know how tough that was for you to beat the treadmill monster ! Outstanding Job! Hope you feel better! Dennis & Marlene, Lana, Christy, Brittney, I see you all the time, Brenda, Michelle, Aunt Betty, Jeff and Christy, Bonnie and Mary. You've been seen too. Now Mary and Kendra, Ali and guys are on a dififferent schedule. SO I rarely see you, but my informants tell me you're there...Brice, works out in SLC.

I'm just recalling as i end my blog with "see you in the gym"! I'm just letting you know .... I see you!

Take care and.....See you in the gym!


  1. I am telling you Eric, come at 4:40 am & you can see me too!! :)
    Thanks for your encouragement!!

  2. Aww thanks Ali... As much as I'd LOVE to, I'll have to pass :)