Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Results? What results?

Well we met with our assigned personal trainer Riley. He showed us what we needed to do, how to use the equipment and started workouts. We went the next day and the next day, I haven't lost a pound, (maybe I shouldn't have had that bag of chips at lunch), Kathy says it's too soon, I should believe her! but as hard as I think I'm working out.... Wait, I'm noticing more energy, 20 minutes on a treadmill isn't kicking my butt like it did a few months ago, I have an endorphine; holy smoke a roly, now there's a result! I'll keep at this, maybe I'll reach a point where the switch gets turned on and the weight will start to shed.

I used to cringe just driving by a Gym, I refered to exercise as "the E" word, now just after 3 days, I look forward to these workouts. I'm feeling really good. Thanks Traci & Riley! See you tomorrow! Eric

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